How to determine current from mAh rating and battery run time?

I'm trying to calculate the current draw in a circuit with the following parameters......

Battery Capacity = 1960 mAh

Battery Voltage = 8.4v

Run Time = 180 minutes

Is there a way to determine load current (in mA) with only this information?


  • This information is enough to calculate the load current very approximately.

    The capacity 1960 mAh simply means, the battery can provide 1960 mA of current continuously for one hour.

    So, if the battery is running for 180 minutes = 3 hours, you can find out the current it can supply for 3 hours by dividing the capacity by 3 hours.

    1960 mAh / 3 h = 653.33 mA.

    But this value is approximate as there are other factors affecting the current flow through the circuit, such as the terminal voltage which decreases as the battery drains out. So if you need the accurate current value, use an Ammeter or Multimeter.

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